Architektur - Projekt - Standort - Mi, 08/07/2009 - 18:17

Town Hall Künzell


If you take a look at the genesis of urban development of the past 70 years you can clearly see the problem with regards to the formation of a center in Künzell: The primarily autarkic working centers of the villages (Künzell, Bachrain and Pilgerzell) had to fuse with a large part of the housing estate because of the rapid growth of residential areas. Therefor the centers of the village had to give up their identity. The villages are not experiencable and you can not feel the dimensions. The task is to net the laminar structure of urban development to create a quality out of the problem of the lost villages. One can clearly see the aim reflected in the location that was chosen for the town hall. It is not located in the village center, it is rather located in good infrastructural reach: inside of a housing estate net.