Denkmalpflege - Tue, 30/06/2009 - 22:47


Historic Preservation

The preservation of monuments and historic buildings encompasses both architecture and town planning. Architectonic textures and structures of town planning can be identified and enabled initially, they can however also be conserved, restored and reconstructed in excisting structures.

It is not only a question of keeping true to the historical style of the existing building or keeping to the museum quality of the renderd architectural styles. It is also a question of adding to the existing styles while respecting and considering the preservation of the monuments and historical buildings. This is reached when new contemporary architecture can bring forth architectural conflation that is growing equally together with and next to architecture that is already part of the building history.

Those architectural conflations can enrich our building culture with it's social interactions – now and in the future. Our services stretch out over all subjects of planning, statics as well as over structural-physical subjects.